1.  What is your name?? 

My name is Stefania Grasso. I'm 35 years old. I'm a teacher but in this period I don't work.
2.  What kind of camera did you use?
I use Nikon D5100 with 18-55mm and 35mm lens and Nikon D3000 with 70-300 lens
3.   Where do you live? Why are you interested in Venice sunsets? 
I live in Vercelli - Piedmont Italy. Because I love this city and I go there as frequently as possible (moreover my brother is concert pianist the professor of Venice Conservatory); Venetian sunsets are one my favourite photographic subjects.
4. Are you a traveller? Do you travel alone or with a tour operator?
Yes I am. I travel with an Italian tour operator of my region STAT group and I realize photobooks. I rarely use the train also. 
5. What day and approximate time were these shot? 
On 10, February 2013, 31, December 2010; 10, September 2010
6. Can you walk me through the scene – Where were you standing when you took the photo?
It was sunny, wonderful. I captured these emotions from the boat, from Riva degli Schiavoni and from Calle Ca d'Oro. I wanted to capture the intense Romanticism of this beautiful city
7.  Did you talk to authorities or neighbors to get more information?
No i didn't. I know very  well Venice
8. Any noises, emotions, or other sensory detail you can give? (Please explain for EACH photo) 
I heard the sweet noise of water for each photo
9. Would you be comfortable giving permission for these photos to be used on air with CNN? 
Yes I would
10. What about this moment struck you most? How will you remember it?  
It's the general atmosphere of this place that gives the greatest emotions. I remember it very willingly but hopefully I will come back very soon and frequently
11. Have the images been digitally altered at all, even in iPhoto or Instagram?
No they have not
12. Twitter or Instagram usernames if you have them: 
Twitter: @StefaniaGrasso5 ; Instagram; Delpierista77. I have also a website: www.stefaniagrasso.it


“Fotografare significa lasciar parlare il proprio cuore, svelare le proprie emozioni davanti a un tramonto, all’imponenza di una vetta, alle onde del mare, allo splendore dei fiori, alla tenerezza degli animali, al virtuosismo delle città d’arte.”

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“Fotografare vuol dire condividere le emozioni con le persone care, svagarsi, divertirsi in semplicità ed armonia”.


Stefania Grasso